The Vincentown Diner is NOT just another Diner! We strive to bring you the highest quality food and service at very reasonable prices. Our chef inspired menu incorporates premium products, the freshest ingredients and generous portions. We use Organic Eggs, all local, grass-fed beef or Certified Angus Beef, premium cheeses, and cooking oils that contain no trans fats. Our house coffee is roasted locally and ground fresh every time we brew.

Local food and products such as produce, fruits, wine, honey, bread and blueberry iced tea confirm that "Local Tastes Better". Loyalty Club rewards provide another reason to stop by and don't forget to visit Jersey Jim's country store.

Continue reading for more information on some of our fresh ingredients.

We use certified organic eggs from cage-free hens. The hens are free to roam, received no hormones or antibiotics. Their feed is totally organic, grown without pesticides and herbicides. The feed contains no animal byproducts of any kind. These regionally sourced eggs are not only better for the environment, but are tasty and good for you as well.

Our Burgers are a half pound of all-natural grass fed beef from various local New Jersey farms. The burgers are hand formed and grilled to order to ensure freshness and great taste.

In season we use fruit and vegetables from local farms whenever possible. If our area grows it, we use it! This ensures that the produce is at it's freshest, that the fruit is at it's ripest, that we help support the local economy and that we help preserve valuable farmland in our area. Together we can help keep the "garden" in the Garden State!

We have an excellent selection of 9 seasonal craft beers on draft. All our beers are locally sourced from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Taps are frequently changed based on what's in season or popular. Cheers!

Our coffee is a rich blend of premium Arabica Beans, perfectly roasted in small batches locally at Small World Roasters. The coffee beans are ground fresh right here each and every time we brew for you.

We offer premium quality Espresso classics; Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso and Americano. Local coffee beans are used to create these delicious, customized Espresso specialties.

We offer an extensive line of great local wines. We carry various reds and whites, dry and sweet. Most of our wines are also offered by the glass, and all are produced right here in our own backyard, the Garden State.